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Hi my name is Nyrene and I am trained in Narrative Cognitive Behaviour Therapy using Creative Therapy and Attachment Theory.  My approach comes from a hope and strength-based framework that is person-centred. My passion is individual and group work with women and their relationships with self, family/whanau, friends, work mates and in the wider community. Especially around mental and spiritual health and wellness.  Some of the struggles may be around:

Anxiety * Grief * Loss * Depression * Abuse * Trauma * PTSD * Personal Identity * Sexuality * Attachment * Parenting

I have been actively involved in the community for nearly thirty years and have facilitated many therapeutic programmes for adults and young people over those years. I have walked alongside disadvantaged children, troubled youth, teenage and single parents and survivors of trauma and neglect.  These have been in different roles which include mother, facilitator, supervisor, pastor, wife, manager, friend, daughter, teacher, aunty and more. Sharing life experiences with women at retreats, workshops and with other large groups inspires me to continue empowering and encouraging others on their journey through life.  I am currently working in Rangiora and wider Canterbury North region.


My fees are affordable and at least 5% of my net income goes to support Hope for the Children, who contribute towards counselling for children and young people to whom money may be a barrier.  Please also note that for some individuals or families a Work & Income Counselling Allowance may be available. Plus there may be other forms of support so please talk about this when you ring or at our first session. Appointments will also be available via Skype - email me and we can set up a date and time.



Hope Community Trust (Rangiora) 
Post Abortion Trauma Healing Services (Canterbury)

Belfast Community Network (Christchurch)
Wellbeing North Canterbury (Rangiora)
Christchurch North Elim (Belfast)
Hope for the Children (Christchurch)


Every person is a unique individual but we are also connected to others.   How a family is made up is also unique. You may consider families related by kinship or within a group of friends.  Others talk about being a family within a business organisation or within a ministry or any group of like-minded people.  
No matter where we are connected, whether within our family, work, club, or friends, it is important to realise that we will have our challenges and that we may not all respond the same. If we are faced with an unexpected loss or trauma, or maybe experiencing an ongoing stressful situation, then it may be difficult to work through or manage on our own. When walking alongside people I commend the courage it has taken to seek support and I offer a safe space with warmth and hope to unpack painful feelings and emotions, especially where these events have opened areas of vulnerability and shame. This process may help identify if we are to stay connected or the need to disconnect for a time, if it is not safe.   You will be supported until you are ready reconnect with self, with others and to make healthy choices in your life.


  • Diploma in Counselling (Dip Couns)
  • Certificate in Facilitator Supervision (cert.SupFac)
  • Certificate in Adult Teaching (cert.AdultTch)
  • Certificate in Health & Safety (cert.H&S)

I abide by the Code of Ethics of New Zealand Christian Counsellors Association (NZCCA).

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